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31 August 2022
Imbu 20220931 Archer10 Dennis Lighthouse

Society-value creates a storm-proof beacon

In turbulent times, a stable beacon based on society relevance increases the team's involvement. And, it is both a client and a talent magnet.
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31 August 2022
Imbu 20210528 Team

Participation makes a business more future-proof

Increasing the participation makes the team more happy@work. And, it also creates a more agile -- hence future-proof -- business.
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31 August 2022
Imbu 20210528 Handshake

From society over clients to structural profitability

Society-relevance and client-value can go hand in hand. That's when they make a company more storm-proof and ready for an increasing profit over the long term.
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16 February 2020
new year 2020

Your organization’s purpose should express its desired society impact

Changing the planet for the better, is what purpose is all about. That’s why you should try to express the purpose of your organization in terms of its desired impact on society.
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21 August 2019
Impactbuilders This Is Who We Want Attract News

This is who we want to attract

I found this picture in the Psychology facebook group, and I immediately loved it.
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12 August 2019
Impactbuilders I Want To Be Proud Blog

I want to be proud

The reason I love creating new ventures, is because I want to be proud.
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15 June 2019
Impactbuilders Whats The Impact Of Cutting Cost Blog

What’s the impact of cutting cost?

Today, I was reflecting on some recent discussions about cutting cost. I write a hypothetical story here - no real persons and situations involved.
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29 May 2019
Impactbuilders Investors Want Impact First Blog

Investors who want to impact first, and then make money… are they a rare species?

More than 200 new VCs were created in Europe in the past years, I heard at the Latitude59 conference in Tallinn this year.
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