The team of our Venture Building activities

Here is the team of our Venture Building activities in random order — no hierarchies or preferences. Some people are core to the company, others might just help us out on a few occasions. But nevertheless, they are all part of the growing ImpactBuilders community.

  • Jan Lagast
    Jan Lagast
    EST BEL | en nl fr
    "My entire life, I have been combining technology with sales & marketing. I love to solve the complex puzzle of matching technology with unknown and future market needs, and I get passionate when I have to define a strategy to get an entire organisation enthusiastic about creating value for clients."
  • Luk Kelles
    Luk Kelles
    BEL GBR | nl en fr
    I love working with people from different backgrounds, particularly when different agendas exist and everyone’s energy needs to be mobilised in the same direction.
  • Impactbuilders Ove De Backer
    Ove De Backer
    BEL | nl en fr
    I get very enthusiastic when I realise efficient and fluent working cogwheels of organisations, in which all stakeholders are actively involved and can take advantage.
  • Impactbuilders Joris Debonnet
    Joris Debonnet
    Lead Developer
    BEL | nl en fr
    Creating new apps that intuitively solve real-world problems is my passion. I love participating in this process, from the first user story to a tested and well-oiled app that its users love.
  • Esther De Munnik
    Esther de Munnik
    NLD | en nl
    From a young age, I have been curious and raised many questions, seeking to understand why we do things. Over the years, I have developed a fascination for customer service in any industry.
  • Gunnar Valge
    Gunnar Valge
    EST | et en ru
    I love to put technology at work to serve people and society. I feel best when I can help grow the products, the team and the collaborators to create optimal value for customers, stakeholders, and society.
  • Chong Gu Ra
    Chong-Gu Ra
    DEU | de en kr
    It is exciting to advise startup leaders on creating a financial vision attractive to the various types of investors looking into startups like the ones ImpactBuilders is building.
  • Filip Vandenweghe
    Filip Vandenweghe
    BEL | nl fr en de
    My passion is to understand what drives a business! How does it really add sustainable value, and beat its competitors?
  • Maura Declercq-Mindrila
    Maura Declercq-Mindrila
    ESP BEL | nl fr en es de ro
    I’m a geek with a passion for connecting people, the future, technology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and so much more.
  • Imbu 20220905 Ubald
    Ubald Kragten
    Value Partner
    NLD | en nl
    "My intrinsic curiosity, my mindset and appetite to explore and discover new areas, being inspired by the wonders of science, grasping the passion of entrepreneurs are key to enjoy life and create, build and support others in their endeavors."