All the news on our Venture Building activities

Here is the latest news on the ImpactBuilders Venture Building activities.

8 December 2022

Coordination services centre created in Estonia

Effective support for all our venture building activities across Europe
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6 December 2022

The «Future of Work» does not work on the IT systems of the past

That’s why our greenfield venture has invented Flxion
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4 December 2022
Main Main

From Greece with love & impact 

Lia Fakinou to market ImpactBuilders in Europe.
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1 December 2022

The power of having market-side insights on board from day one

How we embed growth in every business, even before a new venture is created.
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29 November 2022

Flanders and Estonia have a great potential to cooperate

ImpactBuilders eased the talks for the visit of Flanders' Minister-President Jan Jambon on November 28, 2022.
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24 November 2022

Looking for a client leader (v/m/x)  for our ‘FutureOfWork’ greenfield venture

If you feel this might be you, do not hesitate to reach out.
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22 November 2022

To all of you who pitched and did not make it to the finals

Come and talk to us. We might have a business waiting for you.
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19 November 2022

Not every new venture is a start-up

Introducing ‘greenfield ventures’ as a fundamentally new concept.
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16 November 2022

Steven Storms and Jan Lagast partner up to create impact

Joining forces to turn ImpactBuilders into a European group, and build several businesses with a positive impact on society.
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30 October 2022
cargo cult

Are you our future marketing communications coordinator?

As the right hand of the founder, you can help us create impact on Europe. Freelance job offer for 1-2h per day.
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14 September 2022
Imbu 20220914 Website

Updated website reflects our focus on Venture Building

It shows what kind of business ventures we (re-)build, and for who and how we do that. Our main target audience are professional investors.
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20 February 2022

FunkyTime received 160.000 euro fresh support

Ready to challenge the world of time & expenses tracking and services invoicing.
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19 July 2021
Imbu 20210717 Bbq6

On the importance of real-life contacts

Yes, it is possible to create an online vibrant pan-European community. But only real-life contact at regular occasions ensures true bonding.
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11 July 2021
Imbu 20210711 Telefoontoestel

Win-win calls are the new networking

In less than one hour, we know how we could gain from each other. A win-win is only one - free - call away.
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7 May 2021
Imbu 20210507 Andresmandel

Andres Mandel (Sentio): “The more prepared, the better the deal”

Andres Mandel (Sentio) knows that a good preparation is creating the best opportunities to sell a business. And ImpactBuilders sparring is there to help the seller prepare well.
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20 April 2021
Euro denominations

Tax Shelter for Belgian startups

Individuals can get up to a 45% tax cut if they invest directly in new shares of a startup that is less than 4 years old. Startup Flxion has been created using this Belgian tax benefit.
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20 April 2021
Imbu 20210421 Flxino

Info Session 4 May 2021 > “The future is Flxion”

Curious about the future plans of our startup Flxion? Whether you are a current investor, board member or interested to become one, feel free to register and join the info session on May 4,2021.
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20 April 2021
Imbu 20210420 Jan At Flxion

Increasing transparency with investors

We use the tools from our startups and their partners to improve our Ideation & Venturing services. Reporting might not be the 'funkiest' aspect of growing a business, but it is crucial to keep the investor's engagement.
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20 April 2021
Easel For Artists And Blank Canvas

Business Ownership Reflection Canvas
helps you keep the total picture

Use the Business Ownership Reflection Canvas to keep the total picture when taking drastic and irreversible decisions as a business owner.
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16 April 2021
Tom Swinnen

Tom Swinnen (EY Law): “Think twice before you sell your company”

Selling a business is often an emotional decision, impacting the owner's future life. Having a sparring partner will smoothen the process, says Tom Swinnen (EY Law).
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