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From scratch — or by converting a company that got stuck

Business venture re-pivot

Ideation Innovation Step1When a company got stuck, you could kill the baby, sell the shares, or inject a little extra and reap substantial benefits. When rebuilding a company, often client value, society relevance, and profit go hand in hand.

We take the lead, while you wait for the return. In the meantime, clients will reap the benefits too, and society will get positively impacted.

Business venture metamorphosis

Ideation Innovation Step3A business that got stuck in the past, surely had a great journey and it even might still have a great reputation, but you know it is on a dead-end. High time to fundamentally rethink it, and start with new positive energy.

We go on a co-creation journey together with your investment manager and the entrepreneurial team.

Greenfield venture creation

Impactbuilders Ideation SupportSome ideas are so disruptive, that they require a blank page. Most investors would wait for the idea to be proven by the numbers. Others might join the venture creation journey early stage — and reap the benefits.

For our own initiatives, we assemble a syndicate to reduce the risk. In other cases, we work on assignment of a corporate venturing department.

Offering in the picture

Venture Revival

Imbu 20220826 Jlhopgood Hand

Regaining lost assets

We are glad to give a helping hand, and drag your lost assets out of the swamp — for you to realize a great exit after all.

What we do

Together with the leadership team, we give the company a new future. In short, we revive a company that had already been given up.

Can we help you too?

Let’s set up a short call, and see if we could be of any help.

Other examples

Here are some other examples of how ImpactBuilders cooperates with investors, and with the leadership of their ventures.

Shareholder and stakeholder partnership

Ensuring the new journey starts off well

Towards a new shareholder structure

Existing Impactbuilders Ideation Trustshareholders have the first right to increase their share, but often, also new shareholders are required to start a grand new journey. At greenfield ventures, potential investors can get involved before creation.

Assembling a full leadership team

Impactbuilders Ideation TeamWe prefer leadership teams of three complementary leaders — one leader to reach out, one leader to get into the details, and one leader to keep the team together. Sometimes we take up one of these roles for a while …

Advisory board & long-term coaching

Ideation Innovation Step3Already in an early stage of our cooperation, we add advisors and ambassadors. We also try to get (potential) client involvement, to ensure substantial market traction. And, of course, we coach the venture until success.

Let’s see how we can cooperate

Let’s schedule a call, or meet in person whenever we are in your region.

Or, we can keep you informed on future projects that are looking for co-investors.

Project in the picture

Flxion — Mgt Tech SaaS to design, run, and grow a self-steering company

Imbu 20220903 Flxion Cover

Flxion is SaaS that helps to design, run, and grow self-steering companies. It aims at mid-size services companies in the Benelux and the Nordics.

Startup repivot

This case was a startup repivot. That’s always quite difficult, because the history is there, and the money is gone.

We managed to revive this one.

We defined a new vision that makes Flxion stand out, and merged it with a complementary company to realize that new vision. We assembled a team, pre-financed and coordinated the MVP development. The project starts to sell.

Now we help attract funding to bridge the time to VC.

Keep you posted?

If you would like us to keep you informed on future projects that are looking for co-investors, leave us your contact data.

Other projects

Here are some examples of the projects that we are currently running – either on assignment by the investors, or on our own initiative.

Complementing the investors and the leaders

By looking differently

We add value to a venture, because we add an ‘orthogonal’ viewpoint. We have insights that cannot be found in spreadsheets, surveys, and studies. We have a different position in regards to the project, and we look differently at a project.

Most investment managers are great. Most business managers are driven, smart, passionate. Most teams have the right attitude and great skills. We do not take over, and do not criticize the current venture team.

However, when a venture is at a crossroads, they need someone different.

That’s us.

Impactbuilders Ideation Team

People, clients, society

Of course, ‘staff & markets’ are in the business plan. We expand that view, and include the dynamics of getting more of the right people, and more of the margin-generating clients, passionate about the business.

Impactbuilders Ideation Ideas

New value streams

Based on the strategic vision and purpose, we generate new value streams — and we know how to select the ones that are more shock-proof in turbulent times. We cooperate with the existing team to do the math.

Ideation Innovation Step2

New business model

Whenever a company is stuck, there is no alternative — we have to find a fundamentally new business model, and transform the company to create its own new future. Again, calculation and validation is in full cooperation with the existing team.


  • Filip Vandenweghe
    Filip Vandenweghe
    BEL | nl fr en de
    My passion is to understand what drives a business! How does it really add sustainable value, and beat its competitors?
  • Esther De Munnik
    Esther de Munnik
    NLD | en nl
    From a young age, I have been curious and raised many questions, seeking to understand why we do things. Over the years, I have developed a fascination for customer service in any industry.
  • Gunnar Valge
    Gunnar Valge
    EST | et en ru
    I love to put technology at work to serve people and society. I feel best when I can help grow the products, the team and the collaborators to create optimal value for customers, stakeholders, and society.
  • Luk Kelles
    Luk Kelles
    BEL GBR | nl en fr
    I love working with people from different backgrounds, particularly when different agendas exist and everyone’s energy needs to be mobilised in the same direction.
  • Impactbuilders Joris Debonnet
    Joris Debonnet
    Lead Developer
    BEL | nl en fr
    Creating new apps that intuitively solve real-world problems is my passion. I love participating in this process, from the first user story to a tested and well-oiled app that its users love.
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  • Measuring success based on turnover growth, margins and profit is not enough. We also need to understand net impact.
    Casper Van Koskull - 2020
  • 75% of consumers expect brands to make more contribution to our wellbeing and quality of life, yet only 40% believe brands are doing so
    Willem van der Schoot - Havas Lemz, 2017
  • To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society
    Larry Fink - 2018
  • Firms with more sustainability news releases are associated with higher stock returns
    School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University, MDPI 2018
  • When I retire, I hope people will remember me for the positive impact we created on humanity.
    Jan Lagast - ImpactBuilders, 2019
  • 47% of GenZs and 46% of millennials have the ambition to make positive impacts on society
    Deloitte - 2019 Millennial Survey
  • Any organisation designed to be successful in the 20th century, is doomed to failure in the 21st century.
    David S. Rose
  • Shares in companies that implement environmental, social and governance policies are more likely to rise
    The Telegraph, 2014
  • To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society
    Larry Fink - 2018