Steven Storms

Steven Storms

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  • Lives in BEL
  • Speaks nl, en, fr
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  • Co-Founder
  • Venture Builder
  • Think Tank Facilitator
  • Business Advisor
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  • Value chain
  • Organization design
  • Team & community building

My passion

“Since my youth, I always have been attracted to find common ground and align a multitude of viewpoints. Today I get my energy by straightening out business processes, always starting from the customer’s viewpoint. As a true fan of Lucifer’s ‘what do you truly desire’, I tend to be the devil’s advocate, which is often needed to challenge the current vision of a company.”

My belief

“I believe people are at the heart of every organisation, and processes and tools should be there to support them, not drive them. This way, you will create an energetic and creative flow that will reflect on the client.”

My experience

“I traveled the globe as an intrapreneur for international groups and run my own freight-forwarding company out of Africa. So I know what it takes to get a team moving, to deliver their best to make clients more than happy.”