Richard Gordon Kelly


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  • Lives in BE (UK expat)
  • Speaks en, fr
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  • ValuePartner Advisor
  • Operations, Service Centres, Manufacturing
  • EC and institutions, Universities
  • General Management
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  • Supporting Leaders
  • Helicopter view
  • Commitment and Clarity


“Being a peaceful warrior, who helps leaders in their roles, who face the challenge of letting go of their armour, to share what they truly experience and feel inside.”


“In a business context, the coaching approach that I bring is about the true potential of an individual at all levels. Understanding how thoughts and behaviours are affected by emotions, relationships, and social networks is an effective tool for enhancing performance. But it’s not all about enhancing performance. Coaching can support your organization in addressing issues such as team coaching and human performance.”


17 July 2021
Businessman Consulting Glowing Crystal Ball

Business Preparedness Planning

We do not know what will happen in September. But we do know how to get your business prepared for rough times.
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11 July 2021
Imbu 20210711 Telefoontoestel

Win-win calls are the new networking

In less than one hour, we know how we could gain from each other. A win-win is only one - free - call away.
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16 June 2021
Imbu 20210616 Officechairs

“Back to the office” Coaching

Back at the office, teams are scattered, and people are disconnected. Convert these cost factors into value-adding assets again, in line with the company vision.
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29 May 2021
Imbu 20210529 Lens

Personal Horizon Widening

Whether it is just one small blocking issue, or difficulty to see the total picture, get over it asap and leverage the business.
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28 May 2021

Leadership Sparring & Coaching

All top-athletes have their personal coach or mentor. They know why. Everyone needs someone to reflect with. Definitely executive leaders, who are facing huge challenges nowadays.
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28 May 2021
Imbu 20210528 Mastermind

Peer-to-peer Sparring and Coaching

Leaders can learn a lot from each other. Others have had similar experiences in different settings. Time to learn from others, and protect others against your 'lessons learned'.
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26 May 2021
Imbu 20210529 Signing

Team & People Alignment

How to get everyone on the bus ... that's a long-term day-to-day work of coaching, requiring skill and patience to move all heads and noses in the same direction.
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26 May 2021
Imbu 20210529 Open

Transformation Process Management

Someone should be in the lead of the transformation process, which is a project on its own - to be managed by a specific transformation leader.
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28 April 2021
Old Phone

Leadership Sparring Call

A one hour call with an experienced executive leadership coach or leadership mentor. They will listen to you, and ask questions. Your own answers will unravel some complex strategic and tactical tangles in no time. And, get you moving forward again.
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  • Any organisation designed to be successful in the 20th century, is doomed to failure in the 21st century.
    David S. Rose
  • When I retire, I hope people will remember me for the positive impact we created.
    Jan Lagast - ImpactBuilders, 2019
  • 75% of consumers expect brands to make more contribution to our wellbeing and quality of life, yet only 40% believe brands are doing so
    Willem van der Schoot - Havas Lemz, 2017
  • Measuring success based on turnover growth, margins and profit is not enough. We also need to understand net impact.
    Casper Van Koskull - 2020
  • To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society
    Larry Fink - 2018
  • Firms with more sustainability news releases are associated with higher stock returns
    School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University, MDPI 2018
  • To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society
    Larry Fink - 2018
  • Shares in companies that implement environmental, social and governance policies are more likely to rise
    The Telegraph, 2014
  • 47% of GenZs and 46% of millennials have the ambition to make positive impacts on society
    Deloitte - 2019 Millennial Survey