Maura Declercq-Mindrila

Maura Declercq-Mindrila

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  • Lives in ESP and BEL
  • Speaks nl, en, fr, de, sp, ro, it
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  • ImpactPartner
  • International Business Development
  • Sales & Account Management
  • Startup Lead
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  • ValuePartner advisor
  • Fundraising
  • Startup leadership

My passion

I’m a geek with a passion for connecting people, the future, technology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Being an inspired driver for change with a clear purpose and vision for the future by energizing, optimizing, challenging and systemizing! I have learned this is only possible by establishing genuine connections with trustworthy partners and driving each other, the community and eventually society forward!

My belief

Education, Technology and Co-creation are the keys to a bright future! I believe everything is cyclical and interconnected. Businesses thrive when part of an integrated, self-sustaining ecosystem. The word ‘competition’ is derived from the Latin word ‘competere’, which means ‘to strive together’. If the dreams and goals are aligned, never underestimate the strength of the positive impact on society. For me, this is ImpactBuilders.