Filip Vandenweghe

Filip Vandenweghe

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  • Lives in BEL
  • Speaks nl, fr, en, de
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  • ImpactBuilder
  • Articulating vision
  • Segregating good and bad strategy
  • Offering leadership to get it done
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  • Value creation
  • Innovation and branding
  • Sustainability

My passion

My passion is to understand what drives a business! How does it really add sustainable value? Beat its competitors? Of course, numbers talk, but listening to the many small and big stories often is more important. And once that driving force, or maybe purpose, is found, how can it be secured and magnified to the benefit of shareholders and stakeholders.

My belief

It’s my profound belief that every business, now and then, needs to change direction.  It is a thought process to find that new direction.  But when the “aha moment” has arrived, teams can do magic… As a leader, you just have to make sure not to break that spell. And always remember, speed is of the essence!