Edwin Van Vlierberghe

Edwin Van Vlierberghe

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  • Lives in BE
  • Speaks nl, fr, en, ge
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  • ImpactPartner
  • ValuePartner Advisor
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Coach
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  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Building High Performing Teams


“I am driven by my conviction that sustainable results are based on inspiring leadership and a strong belief in people’s abilities to be entrepreneurs, creative and passionate. A strong will to share, develop people and organizations to achieve sustainable results, and focus simultaneously on ‘Quality of Work’.”


“In business and private life, people can make the difference and create quantum leap improvements when the three characteristics, which everybody has, namely entrepreneurship, creativity and passion, get the opportunity and the support to be used and to grow. I believe that everybody who has a role in leading others can create an environment where this is made possible.”