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Ubald Kragten

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  • Lives in NLD
  • Speaks nl, en
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  • Value Partner
  • Venture Builder
  • Vision Architect
  • Business Advisor
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  • Vision (re)definition
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Innovation road map

My passion

“My intrinsic curiosity, my mindset and appetite to explore and discover new areas, being inspired by the wonders of science, grasping the passion of entrepreneurs are key to enjoy life and create, build and support others in their endeavors.”

My belief

“I strongly believe that we have the responsibility to make our world really sustainable. The UN sustainability goals give direction in my personal and business life. As society we have the potential and we need to persist to reach it.”

My experience

“I’ve broad industry experience and knowledge in areas like the food and agriculture transition, the energy transition, mobility, urbanization, digital and more. I was co-leading the strategy process for selected growth areas like the protein transition at DSM, a global company focusing on health, nutrition and biosciences and was leading several pre-seed venture activities targeted at securing seed  investment.”