Our team is a group of collaborators, consultants, and business partners – all together they form one team. This is key to today’s fluent organisations, where borders are not fixed, and people are not “owned” by a company because they have a contract. They belong to the team because they share a purpose.

Imbu 20200214 Mosa Closeup

Saskia Monseur

Secretary of the Board

Thanks to Saskia, all our startups are governed professionally as from day one. She knows the ins and outs of corporate governance, both in theory as a professor in corporate housekeeping, and in practice from her solid carreer from within the board rooms of several leading companies in the financial industry.

Impact Builders Team Remko Westerbeek


Team Coach

Remko is the untypical HR manager. Because he is not a manager. He is a results-oriented coach. Moreover he does not believe in HR, since people are much more than merely ‘resources’ for a business. He makes teams and people feel great. And, that in itself, is great.

Impact Builders Team Edwin Van Vlierberghe


Startup Planner

Edwin used to be ‘the boss of production’ at major manufacturing companies. That’s where he learned what ‘being a boss’ should definitely not be. He knows how to get people and teams perform because they want it themselves. Not because the boss told them to.

Impact Builders Team Jan Lagast


Vision Architect

Jan has 30 years of expertise in industrial sales & marketing. Several companies became substantially more successful with his advice. Now he is growing his own companies. Back to the roots for Jan. As a serial entrepreneur he is a mega-believer in the case of purpose for business.

Impact Builders Join Our Team Together


Do you want to join or lead a team? 

When you work for ImpactBuilders or one of our startups, you never work alone. You always work in a team with a shared vision, a common goal, and a constructive dialogue among team members. Coaching is provided to get the team work better together.

Impact Builders Team Mieke Van Snick


Office Manager

Thanks to Mieke, things move forward and things get done. She is the silent hard worker that companies need to move forward. She is the invisible ‘right hand’ that leaders need to be able to focus on creating impact.

Imbu 20200318 Bart Huysentruyt Unsaturated


Financial Controller

Bart love numbers, and numbers love Bart. He is our go-between between the historic performance of our business and startups, and the decision to better cope with the future.

Imbu 20200318 Cherisch


Numbers Wizzard

Cherisch ensures the accounting of each of the startups is to the point, and in time for our reporting to be well-prepared for the board meetings and company leaders have the data they need to decide.

Imbu 20200319 Rutger


Growth Marketeer

Rutger exposes us. That’s what he loves, and that’s what he is really good at. He ensures no one does not know us, and he spreads the news of all our initiatives over various digital channels.

Impact Builders Businessrooms Icon


Shared services that allow the leadership teams of all the startups to focus on their impact creation activities.

Impact Builders Purposeplanet Icon


Building the software components that complement the core functionality of each of our startups. Helps to speed up the market launch.

Impact Builders Valuepartners Icon


Network of transformation advisory partners, who can deliver more value to their business clients thanks to our apps. They ensure our clients valorize the full potential of our technology.