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27 November 2022

Introducing impact builder Ubald Kragten

From being a gear in the huge corporate machine DSM, to real-life entrepreneurship
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24 November 2022

Looking for a client leader (v/m/x)  for our ‘FutureOfWork’ greenfield venture

If you feel this might be you, do not hesitate to reach out.
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22 November 2022

To all of you who pitched and did not make it to the finals

Come and talk to us. We might have a business waiting for you.
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19 November 2022

Not every new venture is a start-up

Introducing ‘greenfield ventures’ as a fundamentally new concept.
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16 November 2022

Steven Storms and Jan Lagast partner up to create impact

Joining forces to turn ImpactBuilders into a European group, and build several businesses with a positive impact on society.
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30 October 2022
cargo cult

Are you our future marketing communications coordinator?

As the right hand of the founder, you can help us create impact on Europe. Freelance job offer for 1-2h per day.
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20 September 2022
Imbu 20220920 Flemish Parliament

Inspiring a delegation of the Flemish Parliament about Estonia

Margus Tammeraja (ERK) and Jan Lagast (ImpactBuilders) introduced them to the Estonian business community and the e-government environment.
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14 September 2022
Imbu 20220914 Website

Updated website reflects our focus on Venture Building

It shows what kind of business ventures we (re-)build, and for who and how we do that. Our main target audience are professional investors.
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3 September 2022
Imbu 20210219 Virtual Coffee

Rapid digital core development

Don't develop the full new digital core of your future business at once. Rapidly develop a system to test its main functionalities first.
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2 September 2022
Imbu 20220903 Idle Pitchdeck

Repivoting a personal data protection startup

Idlegcy was ready with an app to get one's data back, when covid hit, and privacy was no longer a priority for individuals. Now we are raising to create a personal data risk mitigation dashboard for CEOs of large corporations.
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31 August 2022
Imbu 20220931 Archer10 Dennis Lighthouse

Society-value creates a storm-proof beacon

In turbulent times, a stable beacon based on society relevance increases the team's involvement. And, it is both a client and a talent magnet.
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31 August 2022
Imbu 20210528 Team

Participation makes a business more future-proof

Increasing the participation makes the team more [email protected] And, it also creates a more agile -- hence future-proof -- business.
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31 August 2022
Imbu 20210528 Handshake

From society over clients to structural profitability

Society-relevance and client-value can go hand in hand. That's when they make a company more storm-proof and ready for an increasing profit over the long term.
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30 August 2022
Imbu 20210616 Officechairs

Organization design

Reducing the hierarchy solves many issues at once - reduced organization cost, increased effectiveness, higher margin and often also much more happy people at work.
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30 August 2022
Imbu 20210316 Koda Cropped

Visionary inspiration lecture on how to optimally prepare to sell your company

Keynote lecture from our co-founder Jan Lagast on company sales tactics, not on financials and legal aspects, but on the right mental scope to sell and become a very happy former-owner.
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26 August 2022
Imbu 20220826 Dracychan Cocoon

From ‘nice history’ to ‘grand future’

Let's transform an old-school business, into a future-proof success that is more international, more human-centric, and more digital.
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26 August 2022
Imbu 20220826 Deptenergysolardecathlon Greenhouse

Corporate new venture building

Corporate venturing is where large-co politics meet startups dynamics. You can give us the mandate to bridge the gap and create a success.
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26 August 2022
Imbu 20220826 Eperales Meetingroom

Greenfield investor syndicate

After the co-creation by captains-of-industry, we prepare several greenfield ventures per year for an early-stage investment syndicate.
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26 August 2022
Imbu 20220826 Jlhopgood Hand

Venture Revival

We are glad to give a helping hand, and drag your lost assets out of the swamp - for you to realize a great exit after all.
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25 August 2022
Imbu 20220826 Trodel Bridge

Post-merger venture building

Even the best mergers on paper fail, when people are neglected. Let's ensure 1+1 is also more than 2 in reality.
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