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23 October 2021
Keep Talent Onboard

New requirements for leaders to keep their talent on board

It are not the same people any longer, who are returning to the old office now. Here is how to keep them onboard.
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16 June 2021
Imbu 20210616 Officechairs

“Back to the office” Coaching

Back at the office, teams are scattered, and people are disconnected. Convert these cost factors into value-adding assets again, in line with the company vision.
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10 March 2021
Imbu 20210217 Anu Event

“Mixed-Arts Corporate Culture” Workshop

How to get the mission-vision-values exercise deployed to the entire team? Don't say it. Don't write it. Don't present it. Have the team live it. Using painting and music, Anu gets that abstract concept 'inside' the team in no time.
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10 March 2021
Imbu 20210310 Whole Brain Leader

The Whole Brain Leader

"The Whole Brain Leader" is a book on how to transform yourself into a great leader, by developing yourself and coaching others.
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10 March 2021
Imbu 20210310 Leadership Habit Coaching

“Leadership Habit Improvement” Coaching Track

Every leader - both junior and senior - has a few habits that can and should be improved in order to be a great leader. Leadership Habit Improvement Coaching focuses on the improvement of two or three of the key habits.
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9 March 2021
Imbu 20210322 Lego

Lego® Serious Play®

Lego® Serious Play® is a very effective technique to model abstract concepts such as a business strategy, and visualise relationships between constructs like partners, clients, collaborators, and competitors.
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