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27 April 2020
Impactbuilders Transformation Tip Post Corona

Post-corona survival requires purpose and long-term thinking

Corona might change the business world for the better. But this change will not come without any effort. Defining the long-term purpose is the first and most important effort for every company, to remain relevant - on the short ànd the long term.
16 February 2020
Impact Builders Helped Plant 290 New Trees Featured

You helped us plant 290 new trees in January

We promised to plant a tree for every relevant contact, 10 for every new investor, and 100 for every new colleague. Our January harvest is 290 trees.
16 February 2020
Impact Builders Business Transformation Featured

Business transformation requires a multi-level and coordinated advisory team

ImpactBuilders helps you define and install Transformation Office. We can even supply your temporary CTO. Moreover, we have the ValuePartners advisors and coaches that know how to join forces and add value to your transformation process.
16 February 2020
new year 2020

Your organization’s purpose should express its desired society impact

Changing the planet for the better, is what purpose is all about. That’s why you should try to express the purpose of your organization in terms of its desired impact on society.
21 January 2020
20200123 Bloovi

Bloovi to capture our mission very sharply

News site Bloovi explains our mission, concept, and activities. They also reflect on today's biggest issues in business environments: to receive more appreciation for the efforts people do.
8 January 2020
new year 2020

May (y)our world become an even better place in 2020!

Need a little help? We have the apps that allow you to create impact. We have the value partners that help you transform. We have the advisory to put your purpose to work. And … we publish a monthly news on this topic.
2 December 2019
Hugo "Praatpaal" De Mulder en Jan Lagast bij Radio MFM

ImpactBuilders gets airtime on Radio MFM

On Saturday November 30, we had the chance to explain what ImpactBuilders does, to the 30.000 lunchtime listeners Radio MFM reaches with its regional news program "MFM Regionaal met Hugo De Praatpaal".
2 December 2019
20191130 Radiomfm

What ImpactBuilders does … in dutch on local Radio MFM

November 30 2019 - ImpactBuilders was interviewed on the local radio station Radio MFM (in Dutch). The interview gives an excellent explanation in "normal people" words what we do and what impact means.
17 November 2019
Impact Builders homepage image

First European startup builder to focus on impact

ImpactBuilders is a brand new concept in the startup landscape. It is the first startup builder focusing on startups that want to impact the world. They want to proof “purpose before profit” can also generate profit, while serving a great cause.
15 October 2019
Impact Builders Volvo Met Impact

Former production manager of Bombardier and Volvo starts to co-build start-ups with impact

Purpose is the best magnet to attract top talent.
10 October 2019
Captains 5233

Master of Interaction at AIG Captains of Industry event on sustainability

Master of Interaction at AIG Captains of Industry event on sustainability.
19 September 2019
Impactbuilders Remco En Jan

Three reasons why start-ups succeed – or fail

Remko Westerbeek to join the core start-up creation team of serial entrepreneur Jan Lagast. Why start-ups succeed ?
12 August 2019
Impactbuilders I Want To Be Proud Blog

I want to be proud

The reason I love creating new ventures, is because I want to be proud.
15 June 2019
Impactbuilders Whats The Impact Of Cutting Cost Blog

What’s the impact of cutting cost?

Today, I was reflecting on some recent discussions about cutting cost. I write a hypothetical story here - no real persons and situations involved.
29 May 2019
Impactbuilders Investors Want Impact First Blog

Investors who want to impact first, and then make money… are they a rare species?

More than 200 new VCs were created in Europe in the past years, I heard at the Latitude59 conference in Tallinn this year.