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2 September 2022
Imbu 20220903 Idle Pitchdeck

Repivoting a personal data protection startup

Idlegcy was ready with an app to get one's data back, when covid hit, and privacy was no longer a priority for individuals. Now we are raising to create a personal data risk mitigation dashboard for CEOs of large corporations.
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24 August 2022

Greenfield venture to create forest & silence experience centers

We are planning a greenfield new venture in the domain of forest & silence experience centers. This global greening venture wants to connect individuals with nature, and make them appreciate the value of silence.
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24 August 2022
Incubator meeting

Greenfield venture on strategic portfolio alignment

CEOs and portfolio managers are co-creating a methodology and an app for CEOs to keep their strategic project portfolio aligned with the purpose intentions. Probably ready for an investor syndicate by the end of '22.
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24 August 2022
Imbu 20210421 Flxino

Repivoting a startup to Mgt Tech SaaS

Flxion was initially a meeting mgt app. We repivoted it into a SaaS solution that makes it easy to design, run, and grow a self-steering organization. Now they are ready to raise.
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24 August 2022
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Near-greenfield “DevOps” venture

We are converting our internal software platform developer into a DevOps software services company, with the capability to also deliver projects for the metaverse, web3, and crypto.
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20 August 2022
Imbu Fnn 20211121 Pitchdeck

Disrupting a dirty beauty industry

The fashion industry could need a huge change-over. This think tank came up with several valuable ideas - some of them will be looked into again, in the coming months.
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18 August 2022
Imbu 20210527 Binoculars

Futurists and visionaries for our think tanks

Are you a visionary expert on ecosystemic disruptions? Do you want to inspire top investors on the future of the business community? Then reach out and let's talk.
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14 August 2022

Fluid MVP development for Flxion

ImpactBuilders DevOps designs, develops, and runs the Flxion app. Flxion vision architect Jan Lagast is very happy with the fluid cooperation: "The team followed the evolution of my thinking, and was able to always react fast and accurately".
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13 August 2022
Keep Talent Onboard

DevOps busdev co-founder (f/m/x)

Our DevOps company is ready for your business development power. Here is your chance to join our grand venture, and become a co-founder without having to invest a lot of cash. Get in touch and let's talk ...
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11 July 2021
Imbu 20210711 Telefoontoestel

Win-win calls are the new networking

In less than one hour, we know how we could gain from each other. A win-win is only one - free - call away.
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