Relevator ™ advisory & coaching track

Let’s elevate your MT and increase the relevance of your activities, all the way towards tangible results. Then we coach your team, to enable us to leave, while keeping the momentum going.

The fastest way to client- and society-relevance – as well as to long-term profitability:

  1. Set a purpose beacon.
  2. Create a continuous heart beat.
  3. Let your team take over.


Phase 1 – We assemble a trasnformation team including your trusted advisors and top talent. Together, we define a ‘purpose beacon’. Ready to share it with the world.

Phase 2 – We coordinate the transformation team and coach all internal and external parties to obtain results. Ready to celebrate the successes, and learn from the losses.

Phase 3 – We start moving out. We learn your team members to keep the fire burning, and ensure the client- and society-relevance remaain at the core of the company heart beat.


  • 2-3 months to set the beacons.
  • 6-9 months for tangible results.
  • 1-3 years to coach the heart beat.


  • More profit from better clients.
  • More motivation from value-adding staff.
  • Smoother processes and rising KPI’s.
  • Long-term profitability.
  • And respect from society stakeholders.


  • Some of your MT and top talent – they remain core and have to make it happen.
  • Some of your existing trusted advisors and partners. Let’s cooperate.
  • One ImpactBuilders coordinator and some top experts to quickly fill your gaps.


  • Sclptr dashboards to monitor the process and the results.
  • Flxionizer reporting tool to ensure actions are executed.
  • FunkyTime to monitor team effort and balance team work