31 March 2020
Fyti 20200331 Madeinoostvlaanderen


MadeInOostvlaanderen to promote the free tools for independent knowledge workers from our tech company FunkyTime, which is now supporting freelancers and consultants to cope with the current crisis.
29 March 2020
Fyti 20200326 Image Apps

Our startup FunkyTime offers corona-crisis help for freelancers and consultants

Freelancers and independent consultants get a free FunkyTime Premium version to help them cope with the difficult economic situation that will be caused by the almost entire world going in lockdown now.
29 March 2020
Imbu 20200329 Decroo

ImpactBuilders to write an open letter for Minister Alexander De Croo

We wrote an open letter to the Minister to thank the government for their support, and in the same time warn them for two risks of general aid: the bad debt tsunami, and investing in companies that are not relevant in the future.
26 March 2020
Imbu 20200326 Webinar

How Jan coped with his personal business crisis back in 2004

Back in 2004 Jan Lagast faced a crisis with his former business. He survived, and became stronger. Here is a very personal story about what happened and some tips on how to survive a crisis as an entrepreneur.
23 March 2020

De Tijd: “Survival kit for company leaders in corona times”

Whether the corona virus will cause a temporary slowdown or a deep recession, as a company manager, your company is facing turbulent time.Four pieces of advice to get you through this crisis as best you can.
18 March 2020
Imbu 20200318 Linkedin

Over 40.000 views on Linkedin post on post-corona crisis

Last Friday, we made a little post on how we see the business evolving after the corona virus will be gone. It reflected Jan back to 2004, when he had to beat a serious crisis in his former business.
16 February 2020
Impact Builders Helped Plant 290 New Trees Featured

You helped us plant 290 new trees in January

We promised to plant a tree for every relevant contact, 10 for every new investor, and 100 for every new colleague. Our January harvest is 290 trees.
16 February 2020
Impact Builders Personal Data Storeage Featured

How to find out what personal data companies store on you

It is your civil right to know what personal data companies store about you. Idlegcy has a free tool I.CNTRL.ME that allows you to reach out and ask for it.
16 February 2020
Impact Builders Business Transformation Featured

Business transformation requires a multi-level and coordinated advisory team

ImpactBuilders helps you define and install Transformation Office. We can even supply your temporary CTO. Moreover, we have the ValuePartners advisors and coaches that know how to join forces and add value to your transformation process.
14 February 2020
Imbu 20200214 Mosa Closeup

Saskia Monseur helps define our corporate governance culture

Saskia Monseur to join the governance team of ImpactBuilders, in order to build startups with a professional corporate governance culture.
5 February 2020
Imbu 20200205 Trends Idlegcy

Trends to understand that privacy can be an image builder too

Our startup Idlegcy was announced startup of the week in the Belgian business journal Trends. They noticed the intention to help protect digital citizens, while allowing companies to flourish on the correct and respectful usage of personal data.
28 January 2020
Impactbuilders Epicflow

EpicFlow and FunkyTime get connected

Entering today's timesheet in FunkyTime can now immediately trigger the recalculation of the project planning in EpicFlow - based on the most recent data.
23 January 2020
20200123 Vapa Picture1

ValuePartners add value to tech

Our ValuePartners ensure the apps of our startups deliver the full potential to clients. The first get-together was a great success and showed us this vision was 100% right.
21 January 2020
20200123 Bloovi

Bloovi to capture our mission very sharply

News site Bloovi explains our mission, concept, and activities. They also reflect on today's biggest issues in business environments: to receive more appreciation for the efforts people do.
15 January 2020
Fyti 2020 Paul Van Dessel

Our startup FunkyTime gets support from financial advisors. “The accounting is too limited as management tool, ” says Paul Van Dessel.

Paul Van Dessel (Fintelligence): "It is very difficult to calculate the exact gross margin of a company from the accounting. And accounting numbers tend to be late. Use FunkyTime instead !"
8 January 2020
new year 2020

May (y)our world become an even better place in 2020!

Need a little help? We have the apps that allow you to create impact. We have the value partners that help you transform. We have the advisory to put your purpose to work. And … we publish a monthly news on this topic.
26 December 2019
Tehnopol Logorgb New2

Tehnopol to open up our Estonian network

ImpactBuilders has European ambitions - and an office in Tallinn City. Now we also have a great partner to help us open up the network in Estonia, and find business partners, clients, and investors in Estonia.
13 December 2019
core team meeting about strategy

Strategy 2020 & beyond ready to communicate to the colleagues

The Core Team of ImpactBuilders has the strategic basics in place to start sharing these ideas with the rest of the team, and help them define their part of the impact creation at the beginning of 2020.
9 December 2019
letter from Matthias Diependaele

Minister Diependaele to express his personal appreciation for ImpactBuilders

Last week, Edwin and Jan received a letter from Minister Matthias Diependaele in which he expresses his personal appreciation for ImpactBuilders.
2 December 2019
Hugo "Praatpaal" De Mulder en Jan Lagast bij Radio MFM

ImpactBuilders gets airtime on Radio MFM

On Saturday November 30, we had the chance to explain what ImpactBuilders does, to the 30.000 lunchtime listeners Radio MFM reaches with its regional news program "MFM Regionaal met Hugo De Praatpaal".