News on our Inspiration activities

Here is an overview of the news flashes from the ImpactBuilders Inspiration activities.

22 November 2022

To all of you who pitched and did not make it to the finals

Come and talk to us. We might have a business waiting for you.
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19 November 2022

Not every new venture is a start-up

Introducing ‘greenfield ventures’ as a fundamentally new concept.
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16 November 2022

Steven Storms and Jan Lagast partner up to create impact

Joining forces to turn ImpactBuilders into a European group, and build several businesses with a positive impact on society.
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20 September 2022
Imbu 20220920 Flemish Parliament

Inspiring a delegation of the Flemish Parliament about Estonia

Margus Tammeraja (ERK) and Jan Lagast (ImpactBuilders) introduced them to the Estonian business community and the e-government environment.
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10 July 2022
Captains 5233

Master of Interaction at AIG Captains of Industry event on sustainability

Master of Interaction at AIG Captains of Industry event on sustainability.
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21 April 2021
Banner Marktplaats

Value Partner Frieda Janssens keynote about energy@work on major May 4, 2021 event in Flanders (BE)

Many aspects of owning a business are interrelated. Emotions get in the way. More questions arise, after the answers to the first questions are found. Here is how to straighten that thinking process.
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12 April 2021
Imbu 20210412 Anu On Jci

ValuePartner Anu Tähemaa starring at JCI

JCI European Senate has interviewed Anu Tähemaa on how to get more energy in online meetings, in order to get more out of online meetings.
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5 April 2021
Imbu 20210316 Koda

Review the 24 March 2021 webinar on
Selling or buying a business in 2021

Before taking any irreversible decisions, we invite you to view the webinar where Jan Lagast, a Belgian serial entrepreneur who has created, grown, and sold several businesses over his life-long entrepreneurial career, shares his insights.
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31 January 2021
Imbu 20210127 Sjoerd Larger

How to brainstorm online

How to brainstorm online. Sjoerd de Waal will demonstrate how he stimulates creativity behind the camera  with a tool that helps participants to interact, and create.  
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28 January 2021
Imbu 20210127 Jon Def Line

Jon Hammond on making a great first impression on cam

If you want to make a perfect first impression online, you really have to review Jon Hammond's keynote on the ImpactBuilders open event.
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