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Inspiring communications and events

Team Focus IconIn a turbulent global world, one needs to remain up-to-date about business models, industry evolutions, technological trends, modern business management, social and demographic changes.

We organize web lectures and webinars, create podcasts and vlogs, write blogs and other communications to inspire our investor community.

Inspirational think tanks

Team Role IconIn order to get a better understanding on where the future is heading, it is important to frequently cross-fertilize thoughts with stakeholders from different sectors, regions, and business cultures.

We are setting up several think tanks to share thoughts and network about Food 4.0, the Future of Work, Citizen 2030, Planetary Re-Sourcing, Fashion New Normal.

Impactful movement

Purpose Planet Step3Will humans be subject to tech, or tech be subject to humans? This kind of fundamental questions shed light on where the world could be going – spoiler alert: this kind of thinking helps us look far beyond tomorrow.

We are preparing a global movement “Humanity 2050” that wants to reflect on the impact of technology on humanity – and vice versa.

Web Lecture

“Venture investing and venture building in turbulent times”

210911 E Residency Pressday Erlend Štaub187

Jan Lagast

Serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in international business development and industrial marketing, and with over 10 years of experience in strategy design and implementation.


Why and how can this perfect storm be great for investors

What kind of business strategy will make it through the storm

What kind of leadership do you need in your portfolio companies

How to transform a company, to better face the storm

Why only investors can take the right decisions now

How to evaluate your portfolio to be storm-ready

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Thursday February 16, 2023

14h – 16h (CET) | 13h – 15h (GMT) | 15h – 17h (EET)

€250 (VAT excl) participation fee

Also available on premise

For associations, federations, investment firms, and their guests.

Other sessions

Reflecting about ecosystem disruptions

Together with other investors, futurists, visionaries, and various global stakeholders

Co-reflecting with fellow-investors

Team Role IconIn this complex world, it is not sufficient to understand the dynamics of one industry on a few markets. Investors need to exchange visions in other sectors and on other continents.

Represented in person

Team Passport IconThe majority of the investors that we have spoken with, so far, have expressed their intention to participate on a personal basis. This, of course, increases the network value.

A variety of stakeholders

Purpose Planet Step1We also will invite academics, authors, captains-of-industry, famous speakers, governmental agency managers, sector experts, and everyone who could add value to the debates.


“In which of the ImpactBuilders think tanks would you like to participate?”

Imbu 20210528 Mastermind

Food 4.0

Citizen 2030

Future of Work

Fashion New Normal

Planetary Re-Sourcing


Let us know

Let us know your preferences, so we can put the right priorities in the planning — and welcome you in the think tank of your choice.

Think tanks in the making

These are the ideas that we are currently investigating. If you see anything you like, do let us know, and we keep you posted.


  • Jon Hammond
    Jon Hammond
    GBR | en
    As a ‘shy person in a noisy body’, I have been fortunate to have worked around the world helping leaders and their organisations to connect effectively with their audiences whether on stage or on camera.
  • Lynn Mikolajczak
    Lynn Mikolajczak
    BEL | nl en
    My passion and mission in life are making an impact, creating valuable, beautiful and meaningful projects and challenging the status quo.
  • Jan Lagast
    Jan Lagast
    EST BEL | en nl fr
    "My entire life, I have been combining technology with sales & marketing. I love to solve the complex puzzle of matching technology with unknown and future market needs, and I get passionate when I have to define a strategy to get an entire organisation enthusiastic about creating value for clients."
  • Malle Post
    Malle Post
    EST | et ru en
    I love to build connections and relations and make people discover new opportunities for their lives, jobs, and businesses.
  • Filip Vandenweghe
    Filip Vandenweghe
    BEL | nl fr en de
    My passion is to understand what drives a business! How does it really add sustainable value, and beat its competitors?
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  • Any organisation designed to be successful in the 20th century, is doomed to failure in the 21st century.
    David S. Rose
  • 47% of GenZs and 46% of millennials have the ambition to make positive impacts on society
    Deloitte - 2019 Millennial Survey
  • Shares in companies that implement environmental, social and governance policies are more likely to rise
    The Telegraph, 2014
  • Firms with more sustainability news releases are associated with higher stock returns
    School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University, MDPI 2018
  • To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society
    Larry Fink - 2018
  • When I retire, I hope people will remember me for the positive impact we created on humanity.
    Jan Lagast - ImpactBuilders, 2019
  • To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society
    Larry Fink - 2018
  • Measuring success based on turnover growth, margins and profit is not enough. We also need to understand net impact.
    Casper Van Koskull - 2020
  • 75% of consumers expect brands to make more contribution to our wellbeing and quality of life, yet only 40% believe brands are doing so
    Willem van der Schoot - Havas Lemz, 2017