ImpactBuilders builds its own great new tools that make a huge difference for the supply of advisory services and for the clients on the receiving end. As soon as one of these tools gets traction, we create a startup for it, in order to increase its global acceptance. Moreover, each of our startups in itself strives for a society-relevant purpose, so that they create a positive impact on society too.


ever more organizations understand that work force appreciation increases work force output. Most forget one thing: the past 50 years of app development was for the old hierarchical paradigm. Our app companies are going to make the difference.

helps teams to measure what effort (and by whom) was needed to create what effect (for whom). Across the boundaries of companies.

helps consultants and managers design the new self-controlling organization structures and follow-up on their evolution.

helps self-controlling teams agree on actions, projects, and budgets – and follow-up on the their status, irregardless the team and organization evolutions.