we are what we e-are. And most people are not aware of what they e-act. ImpactBuilders creates start-ups that help protect our personal data and our e-identity, and safeguards us against fraudulous or disrespectful e-activities.

gives individuals more control over their personal data legacy, while allowing companies to take a giant leap forward on a correct use of those data.

technology that helps distinguish between real and fake, by offering encryption, distribution, authentication and storage services for various certificates.

automating the preparation and updating process of the privacy measures that micro companies, and freelancers should take


ever more organizations understand that work force appreciation increases work force output. Most forget one thing: the past 50 years of app development was for the old hierarchical paradigm. Our app companies are going to make the difference.

helps teams to measure what effort (and by whom) was needed to create what effect (for whom). Across the boundaries of companies.

helps consultants and managers design the new self-controlling organization structures and follow-up on their evolution.

helps self-controlling teams agree on actions, projects, and budgets – and follow-up on the their status, irregardless the team and organization evolutions.


the WHO called noise to be one of the major causes of health issues of the century, yet there is a long way to go to cure. We create start-ups that help reduce the surrounding noise in residential areas, offices, and public spaces.

manages projects for authorities and corporate organizations to create a more silent environment.