Here is an overview of the important news flashes from ImpactBuilders Ideation & Venturing.

2 March 2022

People need to understand where they belong

Jan Lagast on the Future of Work in the weekly coffee chat of Jim Lippens, founder of the Happines@Work organisation.
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20 February 2022

Our startup FunkyTime received 160.000 euro fresh support

Ready to challenge the world of time & expenses tracking and services invoicing.
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10 February 2022

ImpactBuilders launches the Global Impact Investor Community

GIIC to become the primary source for investors to get inspired about ‘impact’.
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4 February 2022
Maura Biz Netw Event

Global top-networker to join ImpactBuilders

Maura Declercq-Mindrila leads two of our startups and is the clubhouse host of the Global Impact Investor Community (GIIC).
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22 September 2021
210911 E Residency Pressday Erlend Štaub163

Computer Weekly about why we choose Estonia

Founder Jan Lagast explaining to Computer Weekly why ImpactBuilders is now having offices in Belgium ànd Estonia.
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15 September 2021
210911 E Residency Pressday Erlend Štaub163

Present on the eResidency international press tour

On Saturday September 11 our founder Jan Lagast told his personal story as Estonian eResident to European journalists.
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6 June 2021
Imbu 20210607 Mallepost

Malle Post helps connecting Estonian business with Europe and the world

Malle Post believes Estonia has a role to play in the international business community. That’s one of the reasons why she joined ImpactBuilders Advisory & Coaching as a BusinessPartner.
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5 May 2021
Imbu 20210505 Eresidency Tele2

Jan about eResidency on Kanal2 Reporter

On May 5, 2021, ImpactBuilders founder Jan Lagast appeared on 'Reporter' news on the Estonian television, in a documentary about eResidency.
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20 April 2021
Euro denominations

Tax Shelter for Belgian startups

Individuals can get up to a 45% tax cut if they invest directly in new shares of a startup that is less than 4 years old. Startup Flxion has been created using this Belgian tax benefit.
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20 April 2021
Imbu 20210421 Flxino

Info Session 4 May 2021 > “The future is Flxion”

Curious about the future plans of our startup Flxion? Whether you are a current investor, board member or interested to become one, feel free to register and join the info session on May 4,2021.
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20 April 2021
Imbu 20210420 Jan At Flxion

Increasing transparency with investors

We use the tools from our startups and their partners to improve our Ideation & Venturing services. Reporting might not be the 'funkiest' aspect of growing a business, but it is crucial to keep the investor's engagement.
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18 February 2021
Imbu 20210315 Flxion Sales

Great Solution for Better Remote Sales

Our startup Flxion has published a video tip on how to get (even) better sales from remote sales meetings. Definitely worth watching.
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3 November 2020

Ärileht publishes an article about Flxion

This year in September, we opened our second office in Europe – Tallinn, Estonia. Since then, we have kept ourselves very busy and finally launched Flxion in mid-October.
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29 March 2020
Fyti 20200326 Image Apps

Our startup FunkyTime offers corona-crisis help for freelancers and consultants

Freelancers and independent consultants get a free FunkyTime Premium version to help them cope with the difficult economic situation that will be caused by the almost entire world going in lockdown now.
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28 January 2020
Impactbuilders Epicflow

EpicFlow and FunkyTime get connected

Entering today's timesheet in FunkyTime can now immediately trigger the recalculation of the project planning in EpicFlow - based on the most recent data.
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23 January 2020
20200123 Vapa Picture1

ValuePartners add value to tech

Our ValuePartners ensure the apps of our startups deliver the full potential to clients. The first get-together was a great success and showed us this vision was 100% right.
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21 January 2020
20200123 Bloovi

Bloovi to sharply capture our startup creation vision

News site Bloovi explains our mission, concept, and activities. They also reflect on today's biggest issues in business environments: to receive more appreciation for the efforts people do.
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14 November 2019
20191114 Website

ImpactBuilders website live

The new website makes us proud about what we are doing ... building startups that create impact.
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10 November 2019
Impact Builders Together With Gdpr Magali Feys

Together with GDPR lawyer Magali Feys in Estonia’s business daily

On June 5, 2019, Magali Feys (AContrario) was interviewed with Jan Lagast by Toomas Randlo from Estonia's business daily Eesti Päevaleht about the consequences of data being abused by large organisations such as Facebook.
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15 October 2019
Impact Builders Volvo Met Impact

Former production manager of Bombardier and Volvo starts to co-build start-ups with impact

Purpose is the best magnet to attract top talent.
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