All the opportunities at ImpactBuilders

For all of our activities, we are constantly looking for new colleagues to join the team. Here is the overview of all the opportunities at ImpactBuilders.

Would you like to join us?

30 October 2022
cargo cult

Are you our future marketing communications coordinator?

As the right hand of the founder, you can help us create impact on Europe. Freelance job offer for 1-2h per day.
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23 August 2022
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Assembling a co-creation team for a greenfield DevOps company

We are now welcoming co-thinkers, potential co-leads, and potential co-investors to join the first incubator meetings.
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23 August 2022
Imbu Idle 20220820 Pitchdeck

Assembling an advisory board for the Idlegcy personal data privacy startup

We are assembling a board of advisors for Idlegcy, a startup that wants to create an app for CEOs that allows them to keep an overview on their liabilities in the domain of personal data privacy.
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23 August 2022
Imbu 20210428 Wood

Looking for potential co-creators and co-sponsors for an incubator to create a new venture on forest & silence experience centers

We are welcoming co-creators to join the incubator meetings. We also invite potential co-investors to sponsor this new venture incubator, and be in the pole position for future investments.
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18 August 2022
Imbu 20210527 Binoculars

Futurists and visionaries for our think tanks

Are you a visionary expert on ecosystemic disruptions? Do you want to inspire top investors on the future of the business community? Then reach out and let's talk.
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13 August 2022
Keep Talent Onboard

DevOps busdev co-founder (f/m/x)

Our DevOps company is ready for your business development power. Here is your chance to join our grand venture, and become a co-founder without having to invest a lot of cash. Get in touch and let's talk ...
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12 April 2021
"2012 Hug Tour 13712" by tedeytan is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Accomplished >>> Digital identity protection startup looking for three co-founders

So we are no longer looking for new startup leads for Idlegcy. But if you like the topic, we are now assembling the advisory board.
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9 March 2021
Imbu 20210309 Flxion

Accomplished >>> Flxion is looking for startup leads

So we are not longer looking for new startup leads for Flxion. But feel free to get in touch, because there are many other opportunities.
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