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2 December 2019
Hugo "Praatpaal" De Mulder en Jan Lagast bij Radio MFM

ImpactBuilders gets airtime on Radio MFM

On Saturday November 30, we had the chance to explain what ImpactBuilders does, to the 30.000 lunchtime listeners Radio MFM reaches with its regional news program "MFM Regionaal met Hugo De Praatpaal".
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29 November 2019
Trends About We Are Jane

ImpactBuilders quoted in Trends article about female leadership

We Are Jane invests in companies with a female CEO. ImpactBuilders has a preference to build startups with a mixed-gender leadership team. That's why journalist Benny De Bruyne added a quote from ImpactBuilders to the article about We Are Jane.
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27 November 2019
Putting the Christmas tree in the Office

Putting the Christmas tree in the office

Now that the northern part of Europe is getting darker and colder, the tree brings light and warmth inside.
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14 November 2019
20191114 Website

ImpactBuilders website live

The new website makes us proud about what we are doing ... building startups that create impact.
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10 November 2019
Impact Builders Together With Gdpr Magali Feys

Together with GDPR lawyer Magali Feys in Estonia’s business daily

On June 5, 2019, Magali Feys (AContrario) was interviewed with Jan Lagast by Toomas Randlo from Estonia's business daily Eesti Päevaleht about the consequences of data being abused by large organisations such as Facebook.
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8 November 2019
Impact Builders Event Fireplace Meet Up

Fireplace Meet-up – 21 Nov 2019

Creating a global community of citizens of the PurposePlanet, in order to get the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN into action in every local community.
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15 October 2019
Impact Builders Volvo Met Impact

Former production manager of Bombardier and Volvo starts to co-build start-ups with impact

Purpose is the best magnet to attract top talent.
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10 October 2019
Captains 5233

Master of Interaction at AIG Captains of Industry event on sustainability

Master of Interaction at AIG Captains of Industry event on sustainability.
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19 September 2019
Impactbuilders Remco En Jan

Three reasons why start-ups succeed – or fail

Remko Westerbeek to join the core start-up creation team of serial entrepreneur Jan Lagast. Why start-ups succeed ?
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1 July 2019
Impactbuilders Happy Friday News

Happy Friday at the Core Team Meeting

Last Friday, I went home from the Brussels West office at about 16h30. We called it a day, Remko and I.
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