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23 October 2021
Keep Talent Onboard

New requirements for leaders to keep their talent on board

It are not the same people any longer, who are returning to the old office now. Here is how to keep them onboard.
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22 September 2021
210911 E Residency Pressday Erlend Štaub163

Computer Weekly about why we choose Estonia

Founder Jan Lagast explaining to Computer Weekly why ImpactBuilders is now having offices in Belgium ànd Estonia.
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15 September 2021
210911 E Residency Pressday Erlend Štaub163

Present on the eResidency international press tour

On Saturday September 11 our founder Jan Lagast told his personal story as Estonian eResident to European journalists.
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19 July 2021
Imbu 20210717 Bbq6

On the importance of real-life contacts

Yes, it is possible to create an online vibrant pan-European community. But only real-life contact at regular occasions ensures true bonding.
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11 July 2021
Imbu 20210711 Telefoontoestel

Win-win calls are the new networking

In less than one hour, we know how we could gain from each other. A win-win is only one - free - call away.
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6 July 2021

Creating a Belgian-Estonian win-win

At the 'Belgian Jaanipäev' on June 30, plans were made to create a win-win cooperation between Belgian and Estonian business leaders.
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29 June 2021
Imbu 20210706 Accounting

We zijn op zoek naar een Purpose-centric Freelance Accountant

Voor ons kantoor in Aalst zoeken we naar een freelance accountant die 1 à 2 dagen per maand beschikbaar is om ter plaatse onze office manager te helpen bij de afwerking van de boekhouding, en ervoor te zorgen dat we correct alle overheidsverplichtingen nakomen.
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9 June 2021

Management should focus on client value,
so the recruiter can be more than a gap filler

Executive recruiter Futurehead to join forces with ImpactBuilders to create a better pole position for recruitment, and make their clients more successful in the end.
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6 June 2021
Imbu 20210607 Mallepost

Malle Post helps connecting Estonian business with Europe and the world

Malle Post believes Estonia has a role to play in the international business community. That’s one of the reasons why she joined ImpactBuilders Advisory & Coaching as a BusinessPartner.
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7 May 2021
Imbu 20210507 Andresmandel

Andres Mandel (Sentio): “The more prepared, the better the deal”

Andres Mandel (Sentio) knows that a good preparation is creating the best opportunities to sell a business. And ImpactBuilders sparring is there to help the seller prepare well.
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5 May 2021
Imbu 20210505 Eresidency Tele2

Jan about eResidency on Kanal2 Reporter

On May 5, 2021, ImpactBuilders founder Jan Lagast appeared on 'Reporter' news on the Estonian television, in a documentary about eResidency.
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28 April 2021

Leadership sparring gets you moving forward much more quickly

We are launching several sparring formulas in the UK, BE, NL, and EE. Call now, and you'll see it is not lonely at the top any longer.
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21 April 2021
Banner Marktplaats

Value Partner Frieda Janssens keynote about energy@work on major May 4, 2021 event in Flanders (BE)

Many aspects of owning a business are interrelated. Emotions get in the way. More questions arise, after the answers to the first questions are found. Here is how to straighten that thinking process.
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20 April 2021
Euro denominations

Tax Shelter for Belgian startups

Individuals can get up to a 45% tax cut if they invest directly in new shares of a startup that is less than 4 years old. Startup Flxion has been created using this Belgian tax benefit.
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20 April 2021
Imbu 20210421 Flxino

Info Session 4 May 2021 > “The future is Flxion”

Curious about the future plans of our startup Flxion? Whether you are a current investor, board member or interested to become one, feel free to register and join the info session on May 4,2021.
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20 April 2021
Imbu 20210420 Jan At Flxion

Increasing transparency with investors

We use the tools from our startups and their partners to improve our Ideation & Venturing services. Reporting might not be the 'funkiest' aspect of growing a business, but it is crucial to keep the investor's engagement.
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20 April 2021
Easel For Artists And Blank Canvas

Business Ownership Reflection Canvas
helps you keep the total picture

Use the Business Ownership Reflection Canvas to keep the total picture when taking drastic and irreversible decisions as a business owner.
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16 April 2021
Tom Swinnen

Tom Swinnen (EY Law): “Think twice before you sell your company”

Selling a business is often an emotional decision, impacting the owner's future life. Having a sparring partner will smoothen the process, says Tom Swinnen (EY Law).
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14 April 2021
20210414 Koda Presentation En Def Greed

Thinking about the future of your business is not evident

Many aspects of owning a business are interrelated. Emotions get in the way. More questions arise, after the answers to the first questions are found. Here is how to straighten that thinking process.
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