14 November 2019
Impact Builders Join Our Team Together

Let’s start by switching M/F into F/M

We believe gender-mixed teams also require to write "looking for great candidates F/M", rather than M/F. Spread the word.
26 October 2019
Impactbuilders Dentists And Purpose Blog

Dentists and purpose… Every smile is unique.

"Just have a look, if you like". These were the words of my dentist last Friday evening, when he handed me a magazine.
12 August 2019
Impactbuilders I Want To Be Proud Blog

I want to be proud

The reason I love creating new ventures, is because I want to be proud.
25 July 2019
Impactbuilders Business Case Blog

Is there a business case for three airline classes?

For some time now, I am flying business class. This gets me a broad spectrum of reactions, from respect and understanding to pure jealousy.
15 June 2019
Impactbuilders Whats The Impact Of Cutting Cost Blog

What’s the impact of cutting cost?

Today, I was reflecting on some recent discussions about cutting cost. I write a hypothetical story here - no real persons and situations involved.
29 May 2019
Impactbuilders Investors Want Impact First Blog

Investors who want to impact first, and then make money… are they a rare species?

More than 200 new VCs were created in Europe in the past years, I heard at the Latitude59 conference in Tallinn this year.
12 May 2019
Impactbuilders Find Silence Between Thoughts Blog

Find the silence between two thoughts

Last week, I posted a little scribble about the interesting concept of 'asking quiet'. Vikram Chauhan has explained me in the meantime what it means.
4 May 2019
Impactbuilders Ask Quiet Think And Reflect Blog

“Ask quiet” as in “think and reflect”

I had a very interesting meeting recently with Gordon Hempton and Vikram Chauhan from Quiet Parks International.