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2 April 2022
Imbu 20220403 Jan Lagast

New advisory services for
institutional investors and M&A firms

More focus on impact, people, and clients to create great ànd grand companies.
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2 March 2022

People need to understand where they belong

Jan Lagast on the Future of Work in the weekly coffee chat of Jim Lippens, founder of the Happines@Work organisation.
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23 October 2021
Keep Talent Onboard

New requirements for leaders to keep their talent on board

It are not the same people any longer, who are returning to the old office now. Here is how to keep them onboard.
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19 July 2021
Imbu 20210717 Bbq6

On the importance of real-life contacts

Yes, it is possible to create an online vibrant pan-European community. But only real-life contact at regular occasions ensures true bonding.
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11 July 2021
Imbu 20210711 Telefoontoestel

Win-win calls are the new networking

In less than one hour, we know how we could gain from each other. A win-win is only one - free - call away.
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9 June 2021
Toby Siren Long

Management should focus on client value,
so the recruiter can be more than a gap filler

Executive recruiter Futurehead to join forces with ImpactBuilders to create a better pole position for recruitment, and make their clients more successful in the end.
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28 April 2021

Leadership sparring gets you moving forward much more quickly

We are launching several sparring formulas in the UK, BE, NL, and EE. Call now, and you'll see it is not lonely at the top any longer.
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20 April 2021
Easel For Artists And Blank Canvas

Business Ownership Reflection Canvas
helps you keep the total picture

Use the Business Ownership Reflection Canvas to keep the total picture when taking drastic and irreversible decisions as a business owner.
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14 April 2021
20210414 Koda Presentation En Def Greed

Thinking about the future of your business is not evident

Many aspects of owning a business are interrelated. Emotions get in the way. More questions arise, after the answers to the first questions are found. Here is how to straighten that thinking process.
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12 April 2021
Imbu 20210412 Poll

Trusted advisor preferred sparring partner

Our Linkedin poll reveals the importance of the trusted advisor for business owners, who are worrying about the future of their business.
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10 March 2021
Imbu 20210310 Monthly Meeting

Monthly meeting with all the ValuePartners

Every month, the ValuePartners of ImpactBuilders meet online in the "Monthly Market Place Meeting". Purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other better, and to increase potential collaboration.
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9 March 2021

Join our Club House meetings on work culture

We often organize a Club House meeting on work culture, for employers ànd employees in Belgium and Holland. Share your learnings, and learn. Search for the ImpactBuilders club.
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9 February 2021
Imbu 20210209 Koda Jan

Leader’s perspective is key to re-gain business energy

Not all leaders are at the right place to reset their business in these challenging times - and not all businesses require a fundamental change to survive. View our webinar at the Estonian Chambre of Commerce.
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31 January 2021
Imbu 20210127 Sjoerd Larger

How to brainstorm online

How to brainstorm online. Sjoerd de Waal will demonstrate how he stimulates creativity behind the camera  with a tool that helps participants to interact, and create.  
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30 January 2021
Imbu 20210127 Jan Larger

Get more actions out of your online meetings

Listen to Jan Lagast, and understand how easy it is to get more action out of your online meetings.  
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29 January 2021
Imbu 20210127 Anu

How to keep the energy flowing in online meetings

Listen to Anu Tähemaa, and follow her tips to get a more energetic appearance behind the cam. And keep yourself in perfect shape during the entire session.
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28 September 2020
Impact Builders Improvement Divider We Can Help

Why investing in ‘Workplace Innovation’ is better for profit too

Online Event on 28 October 2020 - Companies that innovated their workplace also got the best financial results. That is the conclusion of a pan-European research of more than 30.000 companies. Peter Totterdill explains what and why, and draws conclusions for companies and their management consultants.
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26 March 2020
Imbu 20200326 Webinar

How Jan coped with his personal business crisis back in 2004

Back in 2004 Jan Lagast faced a crisis with his former business. He survived, and became stronger. Here is a very personal story about what happened and some tips on how to survive a crisis as an entrepreneur.
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23 March 2020

De Tijd: “Survival kit for company leaders in corona times”

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