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29 July 2021
Richard Video Still2

“Back in the office, collaborators want new leadership” explains Richard Gordon Kelly

People return to their workplace with new skills. They managed on their own, and might not appreciate the old-style leadership any longer.
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29 March 2021
Easel For Artists And Blank Canvas

The birth of a new canvas

While preparing my keynote for the Estonian Chambre of Commerce, I discovered there are three main reflection axes for business owners who start to think about selling their business. That's how the new canvas was born.
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22 March 2021
Imbu 20210322 Lievenannemans

Prof. Lieven Annemans likes our vision

After the interview for our first ImpactTalk, prof. Lieven Annemans showed concrete interest in the vision document of ImpactBuilders. It's great to feel supported.
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27 April 2020
Impactbuilders Transformation Tip Post Corona

Post-corona survival requires purpose and long-term thinking

Corona might change the business world for the better. But this change will not come without any effort. Defining the long-term purpose is the first and most important effort for every company, to remain relevant - on the short ànd the long term.
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16 February 2020
new year 2020

Your organization’s purpose should express its desired society impact

Changing the planet for the better, is what purpose is all about. That’s why you should try to express the purpose of your organization in terms of its desired impact on society.
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26 October 2019
Impactbuilders Dentists And Purpose Blog

Dentists and purpose… Every smile is unique.

"Just have a look, if you like". These were the words of my dentist last Friday evening, when he handed me a magazine.
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25 July 2019
Impactbuilders Business Case Blog

Is there a business case for three airline classes?

As I cannot 'not be thinking', I was reflecting on the future of business class flying. This would require the companies that offer business class to be thinking fundamentally different.
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15 June 2019
Impactbuilders Whats The Impact Of Cutting Cost Blog

What’s the impact of cutting cost?

Today, I was reflecting on some recent discussions about cutting cost. I write a hypothetical story here - no real persons and situations involved.
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